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Guardian: Nine Cattle Killed in One Strike Proves Climate Change


Essay by Eric Worrall

The Guardian has resorted to interpreting evil omens and portents, to try to bolster their push for climate climate action.

How lightning killed nine Queensland cattle in one strike – and what it has to do with climate change

Experts say lightning strikes 1.5bn times a year, but global heating is causing them to shift further away from the equator

Natasha May Thu 17 Mar 2022 16.39 AEDT

Nine cattle were struck by lightning and killed in central Queensland earlier this month during an incident experts say could become more common with climate change.

Grazier John Ellrott said a heatwave that was affecting his property at Morinish and the surrounding Rockhampton region on 7 March culminated in a dry electrical storm. The next day Ellrott discovered his cows dead in a heap in a paddock.

Bluff grazier Cathy Hoare also lost two cows and two calves at her Rockyview property 80km away.

How common is it?

Mark Collins, chair of Ag Force’s Ag Business Committee, said the occurrence was not common, but does happen.

He lost 10 head of cattle 20 years ago in a severe electrical storm.

However, he said it’s unusual to have severe electrical storms in central Queensland at this time of year, since they typically occur through spring to early summer.

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What can I say – back in the old days the ignorant and superstitious blamed witches for mysterious cattle deaths, so I guess there is a kind of cultural symmetry to some people today attempting to blame the carbon demon for anything unusual which happens?

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March 21, 2022

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